$46M ouch

$ 46.5 Million in Damages Awarded Victim’s Families
for Active Shooter Incident at Kraft Factory in 2010;
Security Company Held Liable! 


A jury in Georgia has awarded more than $46.5 million dollars to the families of female workers,
Tanya Wilson, 47, and LaTonya Brown, 36, who were shot to death by a co-worker who had been suspended from work.  The employee returned with a .357 magnum, which she used to kill the two women, and then injure a 3rd worker.

The lawsuit against the USSA security company stated that the security guards at the Kraft
plant failed to protect the workers, and surveillance video emerged showing the supervisor
running and hiding in a boiler room at the time of the incident.  In addition, the prosecution said
the guards called 911, but did not notify Kraft management, did not warn the employees, nor
sound an alarm through the plant’s PA systems.

“The verdict is an important message to U.S. Security that their guards can’t simply run away
      run away in the middle of a crisis,” said Shanin Specter, of Kline & Specter, P.C., who
represented the Wilson and Brown families. “They actually have to act like security guards“.

A spokeswoman from USSA released the following statement on the verdict:  U.S. Security Associates believes that its personnel on duty on the night of the North Philadelphia shooting made reasonable decisions and acted with courage in the face of a direct threat to their own lives. In no sense did they or USSA display an intentional disregard for the safety of others. We are disappointed in today’s verdict and intend to appeal on the grounds that  the evidence presented was not sufficient for a punitive damages award to be granted under well-established Pennsylvania law.

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